Loose Rock Wool


Fujairah Rockwool Loose Wool is the type of bonded loose wool which is used for insulating cavities of irregular dimensions. The density of each wool type depends on the amount of thermal conductivity it requires. And, the thermal conductivity of the Fujairah Rockwool product is similar to all products having the same density. 

Standard Available Product

Each Wool bag is about 25 kg in weight. Customers can have custom packaging weights upon request. 

Where Is It Used? Applications Of Loose Rock Wool

Used for general purpose insulation, expansion relief, packing cavities of brickwork in furnaces, ovens, and many other items of industrial equipment.

It is also used for cavity packing in refrigerated cargoes, oxygen plants, valve boxes, automobile mufflers, and other types of silencers. It is highly suitable, especially where pre-formed insulation is difficult to apply. 

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Nominal Thermal Conductivity, Sound Absorption Coefficients, Facing, Compressive strengths, Service Temperature, Biological properties, Compatibility, Physical properties, Chemical neutrality, Corrosiveness, Water absorption, and Energy efficiency & building sustainability.

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