Rock Wool Pipes


Fujairah Rockwool Preformed Pipe section conforming to ASTM C-547 and equivalent BS 3958-4 is intended for the thermal, acoustic insulation and fire protection of pipe works operating at high temperatures. 

The pipe insulation is manufactured from long non- combustible rock fibers with a high-performance binder. It is easy to cut, fit, handle and has levels of thermal efficiency and strength. Each section is split and hinged for easy, snap-on applications. 

Designed for tough thermal and acoustic insulation pipe works, its combination of density, strength and excellent thermal conductivity at high operating temperatures offer efficient insulation. It is highly applicable for industrial steam and process pipelines in oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations. It also has the versatility to be used in heating and ventilating or other non- industrial applications. 

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Where is It Used? Applications Of Rock Wool Pipes

Chemical and Petrochemical installations and their power plants are dependent on the process of piping for smooth and interrupted operations. Core components such as appliances, columns, vessels, boilers and turbines need to be properly connected with one another for uninterrupted flow of materials and energy.

Industrial Applications

Fujairah Rockwool Factory manufactures Rockwool Preformed Pipes to meet the stringent process parameters & operating conditions of the diversified Industrial segments. 

The Oil & Gas , Refining , Petrochemical , Power & other Industrial Plants across Middle East have been catered by FRF Rockwool products for more than three decades and FRF earned the reputation as The Industry’s preferred choice. 

Pipes sections that can be applied in a single layer is a big advantage that you will get by opting for FRF pipes. By using FRF pipe sections we can avoid the formation of thermal bridges and their negative effects. As a result, the number of thermal bridges is reduced. With any type of FRF insulation, customers can fill any minor gaps between the segments easily. 


Our engineers recommend that you get the best quality in banding to secure pipes by applying three steel bands per section length with the end being 100 mm from the lateral joints. In the case of wire ties or spiral binding, pipe sections with an outer surface diameter of 200 mm or less are ideal. 


Multiple layers

In the pipe section, when there is the requirement for more than one layer by our customers, we recommend that both layers must be banded to ensure a consistently tight fit for the insulation. In this scenario, the outer layers of the section should be applied with staggered joints, laterally and longitudinally. 


In order to get insulated elbows with pipe section, the section is cut at angles to form segments. Segments primarily depend upon the size of the pipe and angle of the elbow. Steel banding or wire ties per section are used when the pipe section segments are fit around the pipe. 

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Technical Specifications:

Nominal Thermal Conductivity, Sound Absorption Coefficients, Facing, Compressive strengths, Service Temperature, Biological properties, Compatibility, Physical properties, Chemical neutrality, Corrosiveness, Water absorption, and Energy efficiency & building sustainability.

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