Rock Wool Blankets (Non-Wired & Wired)

FRF Blankets

Fujairah Rock Wool Blanket, conforming to ASTM C-553, ASTM C-665 and BS EN 13162, is a lightly bonded insulating material available with or without facing. These products can be faced on one side or both sides to form a firm but flexible multi-purpose insulating material. 

FRF wired Blankets

Fujairah Rock Wool Blanket is a lightly bonded insulating material faced with hexagonal G.I. or S.S. wire mesh on one or both sides to form a firm but flexible multi-purpose insulating material. It conforms to ASTM C-592 and equivalent BS 3958 Part 3 and BS EN 13162. 

Standard Available Products



1.2 x 5.0 and 1.2 X 1.2  


30,50 and 30,50,70,100 


30,40,50,70 and 40,60,80,100,128 



1.2 x 4.0  





Where Is It Used? Applications Of Rock Wool Blankets


For thermal and acoustic insulation of applications, such as ducts or any other equipment used in heating, there is no better solution than FRF blanket. It is also perfect for ventilating and air conditioning applications as well. FRF blankets cater well to companies looking for thermal insulation for large vessels, valves, flange, small machinery, boilers and similar plants operating at high temperatures. It is commonly used to wrap high-curved surfaces and can even be cut to fit irregular shapes.


FRF Wired blanket is an ideal insulation solution for large vessels, small machinery, ducts, valves, flange, and plants operating at high temperatures. Akin to a FRF Blanket, a wired blanket can also be cut to fit over irregular shapes, and thus proves viable for wrapping large curved surfaces. 

HVAC Smoke Extract & Kitchen Extract Ductwork Applications

Preventing fire or containing it of any magnitude can be a daunting task for any building management and administration company. Many agencies that are involved in Fire Safety and Management of buildings use insulation materials that double up as fire prevention materials as well. If fire breaks out there will be a lot of factors that will come into play like Fire protection requirements of the ventilation ducts, the materials used in building them, the source and behavior of the fire, the design function of the ducts, etc. 

Also, the material should be capable of preventing the fire from spreading from one compartment to the other and along all areas and passages most frequented accessed by people. Therefore it is essential that the material chosen must have common fire resistance and classification rating. 

Therefore, the choice of the material used for thermal resistance and fire prevention plays a very crucial role in the selection of the product. 

FRF Rock Wool’s insulation provides both a high degree of fire resistance & safety, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well. It is an ideal material for HVAC installations. Flexible and simple fixing options ensure hassle-free and expedient installation for both horizontal and vertical ducts. 

Advantages of FRF Rock Wool Blankets For Ducts

Superior Fire Resistance 

Excellent Thermal Resistance 

Less Maintenance costs

Easy Installation Process 

OEM Applications

Fujairah Rock Wool is proud of its OEM products, which are diligently manufactured to withstand the rigors of fabrication. You can peruse through our complete line of products below or allow us to create tailored solutions for your needs and applications. Regardless of what you are designing, you can benefit from the incredulous fire and sound performance properties of our products.

Industrial Applications

Fujairah Rock Wool Factory manufactures Rock Wool Blankets to meet the stringent process parameters & operating conditions of the diversified Industrial segments. 

Insulation of tank & equipment plays a key role in maintaining the constant temperature specific to the Industrial process. 

FRF Rock Wool Slabs & Blankets are the most suitable solution for the Insulation requirement of tanks & equipment. 

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