About Fujairah Rock Wool Factory

Fujairah Rockwool Factory is a subsidiary of Fujairah Building Industries PSC. Established in 1982, Fujairah Rockwool became the first manufacturer of Rockwool insulation in the GCC region, and the only one in the UAE.

With humble beginnings from a 5000-metric-ton factory, Fujairah Rockwool has continuously grown and expanded its operations to become one of the largest manufacturers of insulation products in the Middle East. Today FRF caters to a large customer base spread all over the Middle East, Far East and other parts of the world.

To delight the customers, the R&D Department of Fujairah Rockwool is continuously striving to develop new product applications for this remarkably versatile product.

The main objective of the company is to efficiently provide high-quality building materials to the local, regional, and global markets.

With FRF Rockwool Insulation installed in over numerous projects worldwide, our experience and results speak for themselves.

We are an established entity, and are proud of our reputation as a reliable solution provider, in terms of providing quality insulation and delivering substantial energy savings to a variety of building operators and owners. Our years of expertise and experience makes us the leading and largest rock mineral wool insulation producers in GCC countries, and the unanimous choice for providing rock wool insulation across the globe.

We produce Rockwool by mixing coke and limestone into a melting basalt rock mixture, and converting it into fibers. Being a purely volcanic material, millions of years old basalt rock is our raw material of choice.

Rockwool exhibits exceptional resistance to high temperatures with extraordinary acoustic properties, and is classified as an inorganic material. To produce hairline fibers, our state-of-the-art factory capitalizes on cutting-edge technology to melt basalt at 1400 degree centigrade and make the flowing lava spin at high speed using multi spun disc system. These fibers are sprayed with a heat setting resin to bind them together.


Our mission is to offer the best Rockwool products and deliver excellent service to our clients across the Middle East Region.


Our vision is to be the market leader and the most reliable supplier of Rockwool insulation products in the Middle East region.


We are driven by the following 5 Values:

• Adaptability

• Ambition

• Customer Orientation

• Innovation

• Transparency